About us


Welcome to my rally website. I’ve called it ‘Rallyrev’ for two reasons. The first is obvious, it’s another rally photo site. The second is something of a play on words. I am a Christian minister (a Reverend), my church being in Sheffield – hence the photo of me in my working clothes! Naturally that is my priority in life, rallying is my hobby, which is fine if an event is on a Saturday, and not too far away, as I have to get up for work next day!

My wife and I went to the Manx International Rally in 2004, and I was intrigued to see Stanley Ballentine’s Evo displaying “Jesus is the way” on his windscreen, and “Come follow Me” on the rear bumper, so I have adopted the photo for the home page!
Rallying has been my sporting passion for well over 30 years, and although I have taken photos and videos for most of that time, it’s only in recent years that I have taken my photography more seriously, probably with the dawning of digital cameras.
In January 2004, I bought a Fuji S5000 camera which takes photographs at 3 million pixels, and gives good clarity in most conditions, and a zoom lense equivalent to 300mm there’s nowhere too far away. Occasionally my wife Anne is out on events videoing the action.

In May 2005, I purchased a 6 million pixels Nikon D70 along with an 18-70 mm + 70-300 telephoto lense + a Nikon SB600 Speedlight flash.

I hope you will enjoy browsing on the site, and if there are any photos you would like to purchase, please do get in touch with me. I take photos of most cars on the events I go to, so if your car isn’t displayed, I may well have photos of it.
Contrary to the popular myth, this minister does work every day except Saturdays, so please be patient with me, as this site is my hobby!


I can supply printed photographs or JPEG images on disc. I am happy to send low resolution proof images by email on request.